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Lease Advisory Service

We encourage strong relationships between landlords and tenants.

As a property owner, you’ll understand that there are multiple factors involved with managing a property portfolio, ranging from lease audits to rent reviews and even lease renewals. Whether you are aiming to get your property back on the market, looking for some support with managing a property dispute, or maximising your rental income, an experienced lease advisor is exactly what you need.

SMC Brownill Vickers provides a second-to-none lease advisory service that can support you at all steps of your property leasing process. With years of experience and a team of qualified surveyors, you can be assured that your property leasing requirements will be surpassed with SMC Brownill Vickers. Get in touch today for more information. 

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  • What is Included in Our Lease Advisory Service?
  • Why Choose SMC Brownill Vickers?

What is Included in Our Lease Advisory Service?

At SMC Brownill Vickers, our lease advisory service incorporates unparalleled communication to determine our clients’ exact requirements and expectations based on their available budget. From there, our qualified surveyors do all of the hard work on your behalf and negotiate the best deals with the lowest outgoings. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Rent reviews
  • Lease renewals
  • Lease audits
  • Lease agreement restructuring and re-gearing including extension, break and exit/rationalisation advice
  • Dispute resolution
  • Property inspection and measurement (if required)
  • Full consideration of the lease and all relevant clauses
  • Offering initial advice on the subject matter
  • Conducting negotiations with the relevant parties
  • Agreeing to formal Heads of Terms
  • Instructing Solicitors in the matter
  • Keeping all parties advised throughout

For more information on what is included in our lease advisory service, enquire today.

Why Choose SMC Brownill Vickers?

By choosing SMC Brownill Vickers as your lease advisors, you can be confident that you are receiving justified advice. With an in-depth understanding of local and regional markets, a strong database of transactional evidence, and up-to-date knowledge of legislation and case law, we are able to provide comprehensive advice at any stage of the property lifecycle.

What’s more, due to our experience in the property market, we are proficient at maximising value whilst simultaneously minimising outgoings and liabilities for our clients. Therefore, trusting SMC Brownill Vickers with your leasing requirements is your natural next step.


What Does a Lease Advisory Surveyor Do?

A lease advisory surveyor should support you at every step of your property lifecycle. Whether you are looking to complete a lease audit, fairly navigate a solution for a lease dispute or even restructure a lease agreement, a lease advisor is key for making the process a lot smoother, especially if they are experienced. 

SMC Brownill Vickers, are qualified property lease surveyors who provide all of the lease advisory services that you will require and prioritise reducing the outgoings to save you some money or maximise your rental return.

If you are interested in our lease advisory services, get in touch today.

Do I Need a Surveyor For a Lease Extension?

If you are wishing to extend the lease on one of your properties then it is recommended to use a chartered surveyor to negotiate the relevant terms to your advantage. They will have both the knowledge and experience to make sure that the lease extension includes all factors that are required as well as being able to put you in contact with the correct people to complete the formal legal process. 

What’s more, a lease extension typically involves a lease evaluation which also requires the skills of a chartered surveyor. The property surveyor is responsible for assessing the condition of the property to determine whether any improvements need to be made as well as whether the level of rent is still appropriate for the property and market conditions. 

If you are looking to complete a lease extension on your property, get in touch today to have a consultation with one of our experienced property surveyors.

How Do You Audit a Lease Contract?

A lease audit is a comprehensive audit of a landlord’s contract details, books and expenses to evaluate whether the tenant is being treated fairly. The audit also helps to identify whether the landlord is accurately meeting the terms of the lease due to it being a legal contract. A lease contract audit is completed using the following steps: 

1. Firstly a chartered surveyor will complete a review to determine whether there is any evidence to suggest an audit is required and then notify the landlord.

2. Then a meeting will take place between the chartered surveyor, the tenant and the landlord to start the process. 

3. Once the initial notification of 30 days has passed, the chartered surveyor conducts a detailed audit of the landlord’s finances and writes a report. 

4. If any issues are identified, the surveyor will help with negotiation or the tenant can acquire their own legal support. 

5. Both sides then ideally agree upon a solution and a plan for moving forward. 

6. If necessary, ongoing monitoring can continue to prevent repeated issues.

If you could benefit from support from a qualified property surveyor, get in touch today.

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